Recently, Unfair joined the KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund and ABN AMRO bank. Out of 125 galleries, Unfair is the only non-profit initiative that participates in this fund. We are thrilled with this acknowledgement and hope to encourage even more future art collectors to support the artists of today and tomorrow.

'No experience needed, just your love for the prophet' by Adam Nillissen

Art now pay later

The KunstKoop of the Mondriaan Fund offers Dutch individuals the possibility to purchase art made by living artists in monthly installments, without any interest. The Mondriaan Fund provides loans between € 750,- and € 7.500,-. The maximum duration of the loan is three years.

Unfair is non-profit and does not ask the artist for any commissions or sales percentages. The total amount you pay for an artwork is payed directly to the artist.


1. Tell us the work of art you adore and want to aquire.

2. Let us know and make a deposit of 10%.

3. Send the application form, provided by us, for your loan to ABN AMRO.

4.  ABN AMRO provides us the total sum. You’ll repay it within three years.

5. Unfair pays the total amount directly to the artist.


Imagine, you absolutly adore this piece of art on top of this page and you would like to purchase it. It costs € 3000,-. Unfortunately you don’t have an amount like that bankaccount. Don’t be disappointed, since you can buy it with KunstKoop.

After paying a deposit of 10%,  in this case € 300,-, ABN AMRO gives you a loan of € 2700,- to buy the work of art you want. This sum has to be payed back within tree years, adding up to € 75,- monthly, which is an amount you could miss.

Check out the loans and monthly installments.