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29 March –
02 April 2018


UNFAIR18 offered a broad selection of cutting edge performances spread throughout the festival, ranging from small interventions permanently on show to full out programs at night. Full program below!

With contributions by;

Willem Popelier – Paris Error | 1000 pieces
Thu. 29-03 till Mon. 02-04
During Unfair18, Willem Popelier challenges himself by making an almost impossible puzzle consisting of 1000 pieces. In his work Paris Error, Willem reflects on the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015, which he witnessed. Come join him at his table for a chat about his experience and thoughts.

More about Willem Popelier.

Marijn Ottenhof – On the moon, nobody knows you’re a lizard
Thu. 29-03 till Mon. 02-04
Marijn Ottenhof performs a monologue in and around her installation On the moon, nobody knows you’re a lizard. An artist talk with fragments from CIA documents about spying techniques, political speeches and texts about simulation, hinting to conspiracy theories like the one from 1969 which suggested the moon landing was fake.

More about Marijn Ottenhof.

Adam Nillissen – My tool, my everything
Thu. 29-03 till Mon. 02-04
My tool, my everything is a durational performance about masculinity, time and the power we feel when holding on to our tool.

You are welcome to put on the headphones and enter the space. Enjoy the image while listening to israeli male folk singers. Do you participate or are you only the spectator? Walk around, don’t be shy.

More about Adam Nillissen.

Luca Hillen – Misericordia
Fr. 30-03 / 16:00 & 20:00
Come and join Misericordia; a guided tour through the fair with a twist. During the tour, an experience of balance between the external world and the physical inner reality is created. Through direct sensual experience, the constant confusion of the mind is removed. A performance that get’s you out of your never ending spinning mind, closer to a state of non judgement. Back into the body. Into the sense.

More about Luca Hillen.


Anan Striker & Luuk Wezenberg – Katch me analoggin’ in hyperspace
Sat. 31-03 / 14:00 & 17:00
Anan Striker and Luuk Wezenberg (better known as MONOBROS) created a performance especially for Unfair, focussing on experiencing a space adventure through classical synthesizer sounds, tapes, space echo effects and sample kits. A performance based on a brotherly love for hiphop, art, architecture and dance culture.

More about Anan Striker and Luuk Wezenberg.

Joeri Woudstra – The Deejay is present™
Sat. 31-03 / 20:00
As an extension to his spot at Funfair18, Joeri will take the stage behind 8 turntables with a one off visual private sensory conversation piece in public discourse. Normally presented in a club context, the exhibitionist space created by Funfair will be reshaped through a composition of normalized sounds and technical tools.

More about Joeri Woudstra.

Avan Omar – The Balance
Sun. 01-04 / 16:00
The balance is a performance about the body being under someone else’s control and the myth that we are in charge of ourselves. The body is trying to do things that it cannot always succeed in. It comes across that we aren’t always in charge.

More about Avan Omar.





Opening hours
Thu 29 March    17:00 – 22:00
Fri 30 March     12:00 – 21:00
Sat 31 March     12:00 – 21:00
Sun 01 April      12:00 – 18:00
Mon 02 April    12:00 – 18:00


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