How it all started

During a tumultuous time in the Dutch cultural sector, a few befriended artists discussed the challenges of founding a solid career in the formative years after graduation. It got us thinking: what can we do ourselves, faced with these challenges, to improve the cultural infrastructure? And what about the way emerging artists are able to work together? Unfair Amsterdam was thus born in 2012; an artists run platform with the aim to create collaborations, build links, curate and promote the artists of our generation.

‘(…) Unfair departs from a realistic insight in market structures,
without compromising artistic autonomy.’

Daan Gielis (artist 2016 edition)

We launched our first event, Unfair Amsterdam, in 2013. Four years and three successful art fairs later, Unfair Amsterdam has grown into a functioning space for curating and stimulating various projects, events and collaborations for artists. We have worked with over 100 artists and shown 750 individual pieces of art in more than 12 events and 20 programs.

Unfair is one of the most fun art fairs in the Netherlands; authentic, reasonably priced, fresh, open and sympathetic. (…) A real treat for collectors and enthusiasts of good contemporary art.’

Jop Ubbens (director Christie’s Nederland)