With various educational programs and activities, Unfair Amsterdam aims to increase the involvement of art students, art academies, and the general public in the contemporary art world.

We offer our audience and partners a deeper understanding when it comes to our projects. Our educational programs are designed to prepare young artists and art students for their future career. At the same time providing the public with more opportunities to truly understand what is happening at Unfair Amsterdam.


We have developed an educational program for the Dutch art academies and their students to ease the transition from school to entering the art sector. We’ve all been there, and our hope is to foster a new generation of critical thinkers and makers.

We’ve teamed up with Arif Kornweitz, mastermind at the infamous radio station Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, to create a series of special audio tours. The tours offer a different take on the concept of audio tours and the way we look at art. 

Listen to the audio tours here.