We strongly believe that social engagement in art should be accessible to everyone. By organizing events, initiating collaborations, exhibitions and promoting artists, Unfair Amsterdam aims to connect artists to the people and vice versa.

The Exhibition Fair

Is it a fair? Is it an exhibition? Is it a biennial? Is it a hybrid?

How to put into words something that doesn’t have it’s own word (yet)? But then again does it really need a word? It’s all about the art anyway.

Every two years, 40 solo presentations of the most recent and unprecedented work of the best emerging and mid-career artists of a current generation are shown at the Westergas in Amsterdam. Thus far over 25.000 people have discovered some of the best new art here.

Marking its five-year anniversary in 2019, Unfair’s namesake event invites new and seasoned art lovers and collectors to engage with art and connect directly with its makers. Next to this unique overview, an extensive program that we develop with our partners will be available. This includes lectures, live radio shows, DJ sets, dance, performance and film screenings. However our program isn’t complete without the possibility to celebrate with our audience and artists so each edition ends with the art of partying.


Fullscreen was born out of our collective love for the video art medium.

These large scale video installations offer all-encompassing video experiences in the center of cities, exhibitions, clubs or festivals, showing work by carefully selected artists and putting some much deserved focus on immersive video art. Fullscreen travels far and wide and isn’t restricted by the boundaries of the conventional exhibition space. As stated, with this project it’s the public space that creates the best context. A temporary intervention of our collective courtyard is what enables Fullscreen to engage with as large and diverse audiences as possible.

Additionally and because of this, the experience can be offered free of any charge, again lowering existing thresholds. The immersive, custom-made screens fit their purpose anywhere and invite viewers to fully submerge themselves in the works. Because of its satellite nature, this project proves to be successful both as an autonomous installation and on commission for external parties or events. 

Art Talks

Unfair Amsterdam presents radio and lecture programs that offer new perspectives on present-day issues within the contemporary arts.

Talking about art can be just as much work as making it. Through our talks, interviews and  discussions, we like to give you a glimpse into the art world through the eyes of todays contemporary artists.

During the programs, we invite upcoming and established artists, scholars, collectors and other professionals to speak with us about relevant subjects for todays society and arts sector.