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Four large scale mapped projections lighted up the Transformatorweg in a 2-day video program, turning the spotlights on Westpoort.
In the midst of the concrete and glass facades of this strongly developing industrial area in Amsterdam West, Unfair curated an immersive video art festival in the largest outdoor cinema of the city.


The world around us is in constant transition, growing contrastingly more outwards and inwards, blending with new (digital) dimensions. ‘Fullscreen Westpoort’ transforms concrete to pixels, engulfing an industrial district with a constantly changing world of moving images like a modern-day Times Square. Four talented artist reflect on transformation in their work. And even more so in a sense of space, by taking position in Westpoort, wrapping almost 1000m2 of building in video, hence creating an all new context.

The Pictures


Nikki Hock

Janis Rafa

Trial by Fire (2018) represents the infinite beauty that exists within natural disasters, like the eruption of a volcano. As terrifying and brutal as its forces actually are, they are simultaneously soothing and satisfying.

Requiem to a Shipwreck (2014) is made in honour of a tragic event on the Greek coast. A forgotten ruin in the landscape. It stands as a monument to tragedy, and a symbol of many levels and depths of movement in the mediterranean waters.

Inge Meijer

Kate Cooper

Maple Tree (2017) takes you into a cyclical moment of transition, uprooting migration and habitat within a quintessentially Dutch ‘cultuurlandschap’.

In Rigged (2014),  the artist uses new possibilities granted by CGI techniques, commercial photography, and post-production to render and modify images of the body. 

Amsterdam Art Weekend X ISO Afterparty

Just around the corner of Fullscreen, is one of Westpoort’s finest creative workspaces; ISOamsterdam. They hosted the official Amsterdam Art Weekend After Party & opening of ISO’s exhibition Guidetti’s World. Amongst others, Roel de Boer, Margie, Cinnaman and Steven de Peven were mastering the wheels of steel. Together, we turned the Transformatorweg around into a one-off Las Vegas Strip.

Getting there

Bike Tour

After sunset, when galleries and museums close, Fullscreen Westpoort lighted up. In the dark, a luminescent path appeared, leading to the festival.

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Opening hours

Friday the 23nd & Saturday the 24th of November
Friday: 17:00 till 23:00
Saturday: 17:00 till 01:00
Contactweg 30, Amsterdam
Free entrance

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