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Going once, going twice, sold!

In collaboration with Sotheby’s, Unfair presented a record-breaking fundraiser auction with work by an exclusive selection of 40 international and established artists. All for a good cause as this unique auction gives Unfair the opportunity to raise funds for our next event: Unfair20. So when prices rise, it’s money well spent.

With great joy and pride we thank everyone involved with our fourth and most successful fundraiser auction yet at the NewWerktheater in Amsterdam.

Art lovers, artists, veteran collectors and first-time-buyers came together to admire, place their bids and, in many cases: buy a work from a wonderful selection of leading contemporary artists. A staggering total of €41k was raised with the sale of no less than 95% of the works.

This broke all previous Unfair Fundraiser Auction records, making this evening one for the books. Sotheby’s auctioneer Marlous Monstrous-Jens delivered an outstanding performance and inspired the crowd into and exciting bid-off which turned many attendees into fresh new art owners.

Participating artists

Babs Bleeker
Kim David Bots
Inez de Brauw
Erik de Bree
Katrein Breukers
Tim Breukers
Koos Buster
Bonno van Doorn
Afra Eisma
Joost Elschot
Maurice van Es
Willem de Haan
Meinke ten Have
Raquel van Haver

Jan Hoek
Alle Jong
Natalia Jordanova
Marc Philip van Kempen
Sjoerd Knibbeler
Kateřina Konarovská
Rabi Koria
Joost Krijnen
Rens Krikhaar
Vytautas Kumža
Nazif Lopulissa
Sanja Marušić
Lennart de Neef

Janine van Oene
Daan Paans
Pernille Pedersen
Jaya Pelupessy
Lotte Reimann
Thomas van Rijs
Hugo Rocci
Anika Schwarzlose
Gilleam Trapenberg
Thomas Trum
Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch
Thijs Zweers
Anouk van Zwieten

The works varied from sculptures to paintings, prints, photographs and installations. Exclusively for this fundraiser the artists deviated from their usual prices so the bidding started at a one-time rate of €500,-.

Bidding is closed. To see all auctioned works, see our catalog.

This event was made possible with the support of;