Art Talks

Unfair Amsterdam presents radio and lecture programs that offer new perspectives on present-day issues within the contemporary arts.

Talking about art can be just as much work as making it. Through our talks, interviews and  discussions, we like to give you a glimpse into the art world through the eyes of todays contemporary artists. During the programs, we invite upcoming and established artists, scholars, collectors and other professionals to speak with us about relevant subjects for todays society and arts sector.




The lecture programs of Current Practice provide new perspectives on the increasing role of digital media in the work of upcoming artists. By approaching relevant subjects from a pop culture perspective, Current Practice opens new doors filled with perspectives and possibilities.

Current Practice #1: Faking about Art
Current Practice #2: Gaming about Art
Current Practice #3: Ordering about Art
Current Practice #4: Sweating about Art
Current Practice #5: Dragging about Art

During Unfair Utopia we discussed what the ideal cultural sector should look like. Unfair Utopia offered an insight into the position of emerging contemporary artists across three themes; art and the market, art and society and international collaborations.

Unfair Utopia 1: Kunst en markt
Unfair Utopia 2: Kunst en samenleving
Unfair Utopia 3: International collaborations

Ja, Mister Morgan is a collaboration between online art magazine mister Motley, art platform Patty Morgan and radio station Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee. We broadcasted a series of live radio shows from a camping site at Unfair Amsterdam 2016. A daily dose of talks, discussions and interviews with some of our finest artists and invited guests.

Check all the broadcasts here.

We’ve teamed up with Arif Kornweitz, mastermind at the infamous radio station Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, to create a series of special audio tours. The tours offer a different take on the concept of audio tours and the way we look at art.

Listen to the audio tours here.