Experience a new way of print making: Unframed is a project by Unfair Amsterdam and offers exclusive and collectible embroidered art prints designed by upcoming and established artists.


We started this project out of love for the craft of printmaking. UNFRAMED offers embroidered, highly tactile art works with layers of stitched details, vivid colors and a quality that doesn’t rumple or discolor over time.

All proceeds from sales go directly to the artists who collaborate with UNFRAMED as well as projects that encourage the independence and professionalism of artists.

Unframed ♥ Valentina Vos

Unframed loves fashion.We worked together with the incredibly talented Valentina Vos and denim fashion guru Sophie Hardeman, styled by Ogènda (♥).

Together they created a heavenly still life orgy, combining our embroidered art works with Sophie’s unique collection. The shoot was featured in Subbacultcha! magazine as well as other publications.